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Tintypes dating

Tintypes dating

Tips for dating Old Photographs I found this article on the Internet and thought that some of you who appreciate and maybe even have a few old photographs laying around in tintype dating boxes or in desk drawers might like to read some tips on ways to try to put a date on when they might have been taken. The earliest tintypes were on heavy metal 0.

Civil War Period - Tintypes of this time are primarily one- sixth and one- tintype dating plate and are often datable by the Potter's Patent paper holders, adorned with patriotic stars and emblems, that were introduced during the period. Uncased tintypes have been found with canceled tax stamps adhered to the backs. Neither the chocolate tint nor the rustic look are to be found in pre tintypes.

The stamp was to be canceled by requiring that the seller cancel the stamp by initializing and dating it in ink.

See also: Safely store, display your old family photographs.​ This photo of the King brothers is a tintype probably taken circa ​ Both websites detail the history of photography, including samples of various types of photography, such as daguerreotype, cabinet card and tintype. In our next post about dating your old family photographs, Colin Harding shows you how to identify a ferrotype, more commonly known as a tintype.​ The photographic formats we’ve examined so far in this series showing you how to date your old family photographs are daguerreotypes.