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How to remove date from photo free

How to remove date from photo free

If you feel like this is for you, then feel free to get the free trial version. You read it right because Windows Photo Gallery has been updated with essential editing functions in Windows The only downside of the tool is that you have to do the date stamp removal yourself, and after that, it leaves the edited part distorted. For people who will use the photo for a professional manner, then using Windows Photo Gallery is not advisable.

However, for basic use and casual purpose, then you can use the added function of Windows Photo Gallery to remove date from photo. Crop the Date Stamp Out Since the date stamp is usually located at the extreme lower-left part of the photo, then you can remove it by cropping the piece out of the picture.

This will remove the date from the photo but will affect the image size, because you will cut a part of it.

Free software to remove Date Stamps in photos?

One Simple Way to Remove Date Stamps on Photos Register at Inpaint Online for free if you haven't yet and upload the image you want to erase date stamps. Check the solutions and remove date from photo easily! a photo. However, the tool comes with a price but is available in its free trial version.