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New growth takes the form of widely spaced cells, formed in the spring and, closer, smaller cells during the summer Taylor During years of ideal growing conditions, trees will produce a constant sized ring, whereas in a year with poor conditions, such as too much rain, tighter growth rings will form Grenville, 9.

Trees growing in similar regions are likely to display the same general chronological growth pattern which tends not to reflect any localised ecological variations but rather the climatic variations Miles ; Taylor When a dating site ads logo websites is felled, or dies, the rings no longer grow, the final year of growth is recorded using the outmost ring, directly under the bark Miles, In the United Kingdom, oak quercus robur and quercus petraea provides the best datings site ads logo websites for dating, though elm and beech can also be dated Baillie, 45; Grenville, 9; Miles, This is of particular use to medievalists as the majority of timber framed structures were made from Oak Miles, Counting the rings will give the age of the tree, but, unless the rings can then be matched against a known chronology, they cannot provide a method of dating the tree Tyers, 2.

In order to obtain a dendro-date, a collection of core samples need to be taken, by skilled technicians, from several timbers within the structure Miles, ; Morriss, The core is usually extracted by drilling the timber with a hollow drill bit approximately 10mm in diameter fig 1.

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